A huge relationship misconception is that the romance will eventually die down once you’ve committed to one another. It’s not the love that fades; it’s the need to impress your other half since you’ve already won them over.

The key to a lasting love is to make your partner fall for you all over again, repeatedly.

While dating evolves quickly with technology, there are some old fashioned forms of courtship that will never go out of style. Don’t underestimate the power of a sweet and simple gesture like a romantic picnic. The thought of you taking a little extra time to plan and surprise your significant other is enough to spark that flame.

Summer has arrived and it’s the perfect time to carry out this date idea. First, choose a beautiful location, the beach or a charming park. I chose this gorgeous dock in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Then check the weather and plan the menu accordingly. A quick tip is to order takeout from your partner’s favorite restaurant, it’s efficient and they make it easily portable. Be prepared with the right equipment like blankets, pillows, and of course a wine opener. Ditch disposables and make it elegant with real plates, glassware and silverware. DelovelyDetails created this custom laser cut wooden name card for us and we are obsessed. The cherry on top of this already romantic gesture is one of these with your significant other’s name or a sweet message. Lastly, grab some flowers, a good bottle of wine and most importantly make some new favorite memories.

Photographer: Stephen Paul Stocker

Necklace: De La Luna on Etsy

Custom Name Card: DelovelyDetails

Plaid Picnic Blanket: Ikea

Plaid Placemats: Target

Pearl Plates & Bowls: Sur La Table

Gold Flatware: Sur La Table

Large Geometric Brass Lantern: Target

Geometric Decorative Figure: Target 

Small Geometric Brass Lantern: Anthropologie

Blue Patterned Pillow: Target

Tan Patterned Pillow: Target

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