One thing I love about working with talent is getting to know the artist behind it all and their creative process. I’ve learned that inspiration can come from a short moment you experienced in the rhythm of the day or immersing yourself in quiet yet beautiful surroundings. It’s really refreshing to hear where creatives draw their influences from and it becomes a reminder to be present because a vision could spark at any moment.

Ofelia K was such a pleasure to work with. I find myself singing along to her hits like White T-Shirt , Hawk Fly Tiger Run  and Killing Me throughout the day. If you haven’t already, treat your ears to something real special and give her a listen.

In the photoset below, she’s wearing our newest pieces starting with the Orbit Wrap Lariat followed by our Eclipse Lariat Necklace.


Musician: Ofelia K // @ofeliakmusic

Photographer: Stephen Paul // @stephen.paul

Orbit Wrap Lariat Necklace: De La Luna //@delaluna.us

Eclipse Back Lariat Necklace: De La Luna // @delaluna.us

Black Ruffle Dress: Haute Hippie // @hautehippieofficial 

Suede Belt: Coqui Coqui // @coquicoquiofficial


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