I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon getting to know digital darling Brigitte Rey while snapping some pretty pictures around Silverlake. Oftentimes, there’s this disconnect with what people share on social media and what their personalities are actually like. Brigitte is not one of those people, she is just as sweet and bubbly as the content she creates for a living. You’ll find that her charisma absolutely comes out in her style as she wears lots of color and fun patterns. I was most fascinated by her background. Brigitte is Eurasian, born in Hong Kong and raised in Singapore, studied at Princeton and then moved to LA. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for travel and style inspiration.

I’m a self-proclaimed Adventure Capitalist, I love to maximize travel & adventure. – Brigitte


Blogger: Brigitte Rey // @breezygotback

Photographer: Stephen Paul // @stephen.paul

Orbit Wrap Lariat Necklace: De La Luna //

Eclipse Back Lariat Necklace: De La Luna //

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