Amid all the stress of helping my best friend plan her wedding, I desperately needed to seek the only type of comfort satisfying a sweet tooth could provide. I could see it now; first the cravings, next the gorging then finally the self loathing and regret. Let’s not forget the 10 miles I’d have to run to make up for it. Then it hit me, right in the middle of the frozen treats aisle; Halo Top, the delightful dessert unicorn. This magic ice cream is high protein, low fat and get this…. under 300 calories for an entire pint. YES you read that right! The very best part is that it tastes exactly like it’s decadent counterpart but it has high protein and 1/4 of the calories. Enter Bride/Bridesmaid Hack #1. Naturally, I decided to sprinkle it everywhere in the entire process. I had Halo Top as wedding planning stress treats, bridal shower dessert ideas and of course cake tasting in ice cream form. You are welcome.

Photographer: Stephen Paul // @stephen.paul 

Ice Cream: Halo Top // @halotopcreamery 

Jewelry: De La Luna // @delaluna.us 

Wedding Dress: Katie May // @katiemaycollection

Wedding Dress Boutique: The Dress Theory // @thedresstheory

Cupcake Toppers: Jenn and Jules Designs // @jennandjulesdesigns

Wedding Magazine: My Wedding // @myweddingdotcom

Ring Dish: Lysa Creation // @lysacreation

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